Welcome To Lapas Massage

Finding a spa in Chiang Mai is very easy. Lapas Massage is one of the best ways to enjoy because you not only get the benefit of therapeutic properties of a massage but you also get the wonderful relaxation of a massage.

Join to relaxing the mind and the body. When and how can you take time off from a stress of work, a busy lifestyle and stressful city living to free you mind and relax your body? Lapas Massage is an answer for your treatment.

Conveniently, it is located in the economical of Chiang Mai. Guest won’t have trouble finding a red trunck or taxi,restaurants, soft-drink bars, shops or etc….., the location is ideal. Guest just keep step out the Lapas Massage, and then get them easily.

Free transportation provided to and from the Lapas Massage area. (Package spa only)